How Art Therapy Works

By providing a safe and non-threatening environment, the art therapist invites the individual to express their feelings through a variety of art media. Emphasis is placed on the individual who is encouraged to empower him/herself through the self-exploration and self-interpretation of their own art. The artwork can be spontaneous but may also be directed by the Art Therapist. Through the art process, individuals can often approach difficult issues and convey a message much clearer and safer than with words. The art product serves as a record of these events which the individual can later reflect on and eventually understand with greater clarity.

Art Therapy Can Help

Using simple art materials the Art Therapist helps individuals:
express feelings too difficult to talk about
increase self esteem and confidence
develop healthy coping skills
identify feelings & blocks to emotional expression & growth
provide an avenue for communication
make verbal expression more accessible.

Who Benefits From Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is for people of all ages, children, adolescents and adults who are seeking personal growth or may be struggling with experiences:
AIDS / HIV (Also see a Medical Art Therapy)
cancer visit Gallery of Pediatric Oncology Patients' Artwork
Self Abuse
separation & loss
learning disabilities & ADD
emotional, and / or physical challenges
mental illness

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