The Ontario Art Therapy Association O.A.T.A.

Goals of the O.A.T.A.

1. To offer a forum for all persons interested in art therapy in which to give feedback and input and learn more about art therapy by providing ongoing information and educational opportunities through conferences, workshops, and newsletters for all professionals.
2. To maintain criteria for the training of art therapists at the provincial level.
3. To develop and maintain high standards for the registration of art therapists.
4. To create opportunities for art therapists by stimulating interest in the community.
5. To sponser and conduct art therapy research.
6. To foster the exchange of information, standards and conferences between the national and provincial bodies.

This information was taken from the brochure of the Ontario Art Therapy Association. For more information on O.A.T.A. membership write Membership Chair at O.A.T.A. OR e-mail  
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