The Canadian Art Therapy Association

The Canadian Art Therapy Association was founded in 1977 by Dr. Martin A. Fischer as a non-profit organization to promote the development of the profession of art therapy in Canada.

L'Association Canadienne D'Art Thérapie fut fondée en 1977 par Dr. Martin Fischer. Il sagit d'un organisme à but non-lucrative dont le but est de promouvoir et de contribiter au dévelopment de l'art thérapie au Canada.


- to encourage professional exchange and collaboration among art therapists, art therapy students and professionals in related fields
-to promote and maintain national standards of training, practice and professional registration.
-to foster research and publications in art therapy
-to increase awarenes of art therapy as an important mental health discipline within the community

- bi-annual publication of a journal
- triannual publication of a newsletter
- annual conference convened each fall
- organization of seminars, lectures, workshops, and exhibits which provide on-going contact with othe mental health professionals as well as the community.

The above information was taken from the brochure of the Canadian Art Therapy Association. For more information write C.A.T.A.

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