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Subscribe to the Art Therapy Email list group. You can use this group for discussion, to exchange information, ask questions, make requests or anything else you may think of related to Art Therapy. All done via email. Enter you email address in the space provided below and follow the instructions. Once you become a member of the group all you need to do is email your messages to and it will be sent to every person in the group. An archive of all the messeges will also be compiled for people to scroll through as well. So have fun & join with over 200 other members ...

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Petrea Hansen-Adamidis Art Therapy NewsGroup

Arts in Therapy Professional e-mail list
The ARTS IN THERAPY egroup, for professional C.A.T.'s, E.A.T.'s & A.T.'s for anyone who is either a professional or grad student of the above disciplines to join in on the conversation with other professionals who are sharing their thoughts, findings and professional concerns. Send your resume and arts in therapy experience to: (no attachments please) and a SECOND e-mail, this time blank to:
Without your resume I cannot consider anyone for membership. Welcome Francine Levesque, MA, ATPQ Art therapist, AiT list owner and manager Arts in Therapy e-mail list. Membership is open to professional art therapists, expressive art therapists, and student art therapists in their second year. Other professionals who also have training in the therapeutic use of the arts, can also apply.

Art Therapy Forum A news group hosted by the British Association of Art Therapists BAAT, this message board is a public forum for all interested in the filed of art therapy. 

Art-Therapist Forum, Art Therapy Discussion Area

Art Therapy Student Networking Forum

Gretchen Miller MA, AT Host Manager has created a forum for art therapy students to communicate, network, and share ideas. It is called the Art Therapy Student Networking Forum

For individuals that are not members of delphi, you will have to register, but the forum is absolutely free and easy to use! The forum includes a message board and access to private chat rooms as well.

The Arts and Therapy Mailer is a creative arts therapy list for those interested in and practicing any of the creative arts therapies across the world. To join just send an e-mail to Chriss at CLICK HERE

Behaviour Online Forum with Martin Perdoux and Cathy Malchiodi

Daniel Leopold's Creative Arts Therapies Chat

  Drama Therapy e-list

The National Association for Drama Therapy is happy to announce a new majordomo (similar to Listserve) list entitled            


The new, open enrollment list will focus on the field of drama therapy for practitioners, students, and seekers. Unmoderated, this communication tool will make it possible for Registered Drama Therapists to exchange ideas, techniques, and resources references; for theater practitioners and human service workers to learn more about a specialized and unusually effective healing and personal growth practice; and for students to increase outreach among themselves. Job and internship opportunities, new graduate and undergraduate announcements, and cooperation with  the related creative arts therapies are all appropriate subjects for participation.

To subscribe, send an e-message to:  

with no words in the cc: or subject: fields, and the following message:            

subscribe dramatherapy-l {your e-mail address}

Note: brackets in the above are for clarity only. Do not use in your message. The character following the hyphen is a lower-case letter L, not a numeral  1. You’ll receive a welcome message and instructions on how to send messages, unsubscribe, etc.

NADT recognizes the marginal overlap with such lists as Grouptalk and list-sociodrama; a melding may be in our future, but we need to evaluate the interest among dramatherapists before making a decision. Looking forward to seeing some of you on-line.

Joel Plotkin,
SUNY Utica

GROUPTALK: Grouptalk -- list for creative arts group therapists

To join the list this is all a person needs to do is send e-mail;


Subject: Do Not Type Anything Here

subscribe grouptalk

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